Donate to ourproject provides free services for everyone, but donations are required to maintain our services. As a non-profit organization, it refuses to receive money from advertising, and being supported just by volunteers all of our work is funded by such donations.

As every web service, it needs servers to run on, network equipments, hardware replacement/extensions, Internet bandwidth, energy, physical space, etc. To keep up to date with the users & projects needs, we always need to improve our architecture with more powerful hardware servers and better software. In the same line, we are developing a new platform coined Kune. Kune's main goal is to make project management a lot easier, working collaboratively online, without the need of web technical knowledge.

All these work and services that we are sharing can only be possible due to the financial contribution of our users & organizations... Please if you like our work, help us keeping it online.

What we need the most in order to pay our monthly bills are periodical transfers. The best way to do so is with a monthly automatic micro-donation, using one of the following PayPal links:

5€/month, 10€/month, 15€/month, 20€/month, or
5$/month, 10$/month, 15$/month, 20$/month, or

Please consider donating more if you can afford it.

Otherwise, you can send the desired amount using this link for Euros or this one for USD. Please avoid donations under 5€ (or 5$), as less than such amount is highly charged.

If you prefer not to use an online donation, you can make a bank transfer (even periodical) to our Triodos Bank Account.

From outside Spain:
   IBAN account number: ES81 1491 0001 2410 0946 3629

From Spain:
   Account number: 1491 0001 24 1009463629

In both cases:
   Beneficiary Name: Asociacion Comunes

The Comunes Association serves as an umbrella for several initiatives. If you desire to contribute to one specific initiative (such as “ourproject”), please provide the name of it when doing the bank transfer. Besides, in order to be acknowledged for your contribution, you should add your name or email to the bank transfer. Example:
   to ourproject from Alice and Bob
   to ourproject from [email protected]

Please avoid anonymous donations, as due to tax reasons we need to know who is donating. Unless you specify the contrary, we will add you to our donor list.

Note that every sponsorship proposal will be studied, so you can simply make an offer.

Thanks indeed!

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