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The purpose of the Wholly Marines as defined by the tenth Pastafarian Admiral of the Fleet, Captain Granth who established the order of Her Noodly Appendage(The Wholly Marine Corps) was to act as "the army of the FSM" to guard and protect everyone (not just Pastafarians) and who always act according to their FSM's teachings, rules and ethics were at act with charity, love and service to all human beings. The commandments of the Wholly Marines being enshrined in the Wholly Marine Officer's Manual.

This brings unprecedented responsibilities and duties that need to be fulfilled by the Wholly Marines. If the Wholly Marines are truly the noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster&Mother, "FSMs' army", then the duties of a Wholly Marine is to serve the Almighties and the entire people of the world. This concept is all encompassing and cannot be used in a narrow sense to refer to the duties of the Wholly Marines to a small sect or elite group of men/women who share similar beliefs; the Wholly Marines must serve the wider world community as that is the goal set by the Flying Spaghetti Mother. If the Wholly Marines fails to serve this wider goal, it will be lacking in its duties to their FSMs and will not fulfil the key requirement set out by the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Pirate Personnel Guide.

Wholly Marine tradition states that at the age of thirty, Captain Granth went missing and was presumed to have drowned after going for one of his morning swims in the nearby ocean. One day on his arrival, he declared: "There are no Ninjas, there are no Pirates".

It was from this moment that Captain Granth would begin to spread the teachings of what was then the beginning of the Wholly Marines.

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Tags: sikhi, Sikhism, pastafarianism, FSM

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