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Project description

'Help Save the World from Covid-19' Project is a 'citizen science' project, in which all activities are carried out by community members. In this endeavor, as a citizen, YOU have the OPPORTUNITY to take responsibility and provide your unique perspective and knowledge to address the challenging Covid-19 pandemic. Your professional background is NOT IMPORTANT! We will design and execute the project altogether, and the output that will be a result of combined effort will be freely available to the public. As a participant, specifically, you may contribute by:
- introducing and/or shaping a new hypothesis,
- identifying and/or collecting required inputs (data) to test the related hypothesis,
- defining analysis methods and expected outputs and/or executing the analysis for the related hypothesis,
- visualizing the outputs to the community.

Project Information

Tags: Covid-19, Citizen science

Registered: 2020-11-30 09:38
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