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Project description

A complete and full version of the Axis Powers Hetalia wiki.

This includes -
- Canon character descriptions, trivia, quotes, and summarizations
- Fanon character descriptions, trivia, and summarizations
- Episode dialogue, facts, trivia, and theories, as well as character appearances and corresponding manga strips.
- Facts and lists on popular fanfiction authors, as well as popular NicoNico and YouTube contributors to the fandom.
- Trivia, descriptions, and links on side APH relations, i.e. HetaMyu, Drama CDs, or promotions.
- An events calendar for year-round nationwide Hetalia events, including Hetalia Day, Japanese promotions, product releases, TV airing dates, and more.
- Popular fandom theories.

Project Information

Tags: hetalia, axis powers hetalia, kitayume, hetalia wiki, aph, aph wiki, kitawiki, anime, anime wiki, hidekaz himaruya

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