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Upload data into the tasks

This page allows you to export or import all the tasks using a CSV (Comma Separated Values) File. This format can be used to view tasks using Microsoft Excel.

Export tasks as a CSV file

Selected CSV Format: Full CSV with headers using ',' as separator. (Change)

Export CSV file

Import tasks using a CSV file

Choose a file in the proper .csv format for uploading.


Record Layout

Field Name Description
project_task_id this is the ID in database
external_task_id optional, the equivalent of project_task_id but determined by external application, such as Microsoft Project. Primarily preserved for sorting purposes only.
parent_id the project_task_id of the parent task, if any
external_parent_id the equivalent of parent project_task_id but determined by external application, such as Microsoft Project. Primarily preserved for matching purposes only.
title The summary or brief description
category The category name (must be defined, only available in full export)
duration Duration in days
work Number of hours required to complete
start_date The start date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format
end_date The end date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format
percent_complete Percentage of completion
priority integers 1 to 5
notes optional, the details of the task or a comment to add to a task
resource1_unixname optional, the unixname or precisely-matched realname of the assignee
resource2_unixname optional, same as above
resource3_unixname optional, same as above
resource4_unixname optional, same as above
resource5_unixname optional, same as above
dependenton1_project_task_id optional, the task_id of a task to be dependent on
dependenton1_external_task_id optional, the ID used by the external application
dependenton1_linktype SS, SF, FS, FF, - The same types as Microsoft Project
dependenton2_project_task_id repetition of dependenton1
dependenton2_external_task_id repetition of dependenton1
dependenton2_linktype repetition of dependenton1
dependenton3_project_task_id repetition of dependenton1
dependenton3_external_task_id repetition of dependenton1
dependenton3_linktype repetition of dependenton1
dependenton4_project_task_id repetition of dependenton1
dependenton4_external_task_id repetition of dependenton1
dependenton4_linktype repetition of dependenton1
dependenton5_project_task_id repetition of dependenton1
dependenton5_external_task_id repetition of dependenton1
dependenton5_linktype repetition of dependenton1